Sunday, July 25, 2010

Your not always meant to be with your first love, the one you learned from and gave your all to...maybe it's meant to end for a reward, for the knowledge of knowing what love really is...maybe the let down would make your heart stronger for that long journey ahead with the one your meant to be with. You can't stop the inevitable, you'll learn why it never worked out in the long run...because maybe he came along to teach you about "love" so you can remain firm and protect your heart...the heart you once thought would never ever love again...but it will. Eventually the wall you put up around your heart and the shell you hid your heart in fall apart giving you new faith for your next love...maybe the first love wasn't enough and after all maybe you did deserve much more and better...maybe the mistakes you constantly remind yourself of with the thought of him aren't mistakes, they are what taught you how to be who you are now, because if you never ever met  that first love you would of never knew how it felt to really really give you all... but most importantly to really love again.

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