Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I went to see New Moon last Sunday! it was awesome, i was upset cause i wanted the movie to keep going ( since Ive already read all 4 books) so anxious! i really cannot wait for the next one, who cant?!. I think after the whole twilight stuff is done no matter what movie Robert Pattinson Or Taylor Lautner do, we will always think of them as    Jacob & Edward... or um TEAM Jacob & TEAM Edward! jaja. Well as for those who haven't yet read the book i suggest you do! they are absolutely great; best story in the world, Stephanie Mayer really does have a great imagination. I love writing myself and one day i hope i can make a captivating story that can turn into a actual movie, wish me luck!...anyways Ive made a POLL so you guys can vote! please vote & below theirs cute pictures of my  Bella and Edward =) Enjoy & Subscribe


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