Thursday, January 28, 2010

Y   G   A  G   A
 -So when Lady Gaga came out with porker face i loved her! i mean she wasn't wearing one of her crazy outfits in that video -__-  i actually loved her style but then i started noticing how hideous her clothes/outfit were every time she'll come up on magazines, shows etc... i mean OK i can understand she is different but how different does she want to be? some of her outfits freak me out. On the other hand, i love her voice and her performances, i think she is a great singer & she has so much talent on stage. She can easily put up a big performance and everyone would be amaze at her work, i think that's one of the quality's a lot of singers can't achieve, someone can have the voice and suck performing, which is terrible but this girl recently came out and has gotten so much fame in such little time!. OK, so back to her ugly outfits, sorry but i respect the fact that she's extremely different from every other girl singer out there but i just don't understand how weird shes trying to be with her outfits but i have found some pictures were her outfits aren't so bad at all, you'll see... anyhow i do love her music and her songs/voice are amazing but her style can be weird just not so hideous as they are, a little less exaggeration and craziness and she would be good. so Of course i have pictures! i always do....enjoy everyone.

P.S- i think Lady Gaga is obsessed with sunglasses, or maybe she doesn't like showing her eyes much?....& she's also obsessed with body suits...even though when she wears them, her outfits seem the best she'll ever'll see in the pictures.

===>she actually doesn't look bad in these few pictures, i mean weird hair bow but if she wants to be different then that's okay, lol.. i don't think this outfit is bad compare to what shes worn before.
==> hmm.. i like shiny stuff...& i like her gloves....

===> Omg her hair is not crazy! & her outfit is not bad...i like her blazer =]
 ==> This is probably one of my faves, i dont know why but i like it...her hair is a little messy but is Gaga, this outfit it is.......if only.

==>This is not bad for Lady Gaga's style, right guys?... red is not my color but i like her stockings her shoes her gloves and her sunglasses...i told you guys she loves bodysuits and sunglasses.

==> i love this picture...its very rock-ish...& i'm loving her blazer, plus the tattoo makes up for the whole rock look. =]

==> she actually looks pretty here to me, i like what shes wearing... and i love the makeup, specially her lipstick.
==>hmm, i picked this picture mainly cus of the skirt...her top is cute the colors are a little iffy to me...but other than that i like the picture/outfit. Her makeup goes with the outfit but i dont really like =/

==>damn gaga you were almost gonna get my full approval on this picture! what's up with the huge shoulder pads? killed the outfit! i love everything else.

==> i actually like this outfit alot...the shoes are dope...the jacket is crazy i like it...but her sunglasses i dont know...i dont really like the circle frame at all...everything is cool..

==>back to her faves! the bodysuits!!!! =]
==>naked better?

Her worst.......

==> honestly, why would she cover her face she looks like a mummy or something...weird
& the red outfit is hideous, it looks like she has blood on her face.

==>i  dont think i have to say much for this picture, i dont know what she was thinking. it looks like a bird nest.

==> this was just hilarious when i saw it....who would think of Kermit the frog for an outfit, only lady gaga.

==> what the fuck is this? i dont know but it freaks me out it looks like Satan or something.
==> um we could made this a good look, but the feathers and all on her face is not working...the dress itself its really nice...the waist belt too! i wish i coulda dressed her


T   H   E    E   N   D... ; )

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