Saturday, November 14, 2009

Christina Milian  and The Dream.

-So i just recently found out that Hot chick Christina Milian is married to The Dream!. I mean i am guessing i'm super late since she's expecting her first baby soon! yes for those who did not now, she's pregnant!!! I've always found her so beautiful, well anyway after i found out i googled them (that's all i do google stuff) jaja.... & i found some sexy, nice, and cute pictures of them, i thought i should blog about it since i was so damn shocked lol. He is indeed a lucky guy, let's wish them the best! enjoy peeps. 

- i LOVE what she's wearing in this picture, i think they look cute together & they always seem to be matching somehow, super adorable ; )

- I remember i saw this picture in those stand's the ones on the train underground, & in my head i was like WTF? how is she going to take a picture like that!, i didn't even recognize it was the Dream yet that it was her husband!!!... i love the picture...below are more...

i love her shoes in this picture & her leggings!! dont you?!

 This chick is so sexy! i want this dress!!!!

 i love her makeup in this picture and the curly hair makes it look natural but classy. =]

- now this dress is official, i need to get something like this as soon as possible, i love the colors....specially since i always find hot dress in BLACK! only =(

 Congratulations to The dream & Christina Milian awaiting their first baby!

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