Thursday, May 13, 2010

-Time may take away a moment but memory would always bring it back.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

        New York City

I've always lived in New York and i do love it here, who doesn't love The City?. this blog I'll post some places people visit a lot in New York,  i won't be posting a lot of sightseeing places because i know for sure their are more places in New York City that even i haven't visited. Their are so many "nightlife" places to go to in New York to me the city is more of a party place a fun place to visit but not to live. I rather live somewhere away from the city, the noise etc and come visit the city whenever i want or can...

 -- I've seen the Broadway play "West Side Story" and i can say it was truly an amazing experience, i think someone that is visiting New York for the first time would love a night out in Broadway for one of it's shows. i think that every Broadway musical show brings out very live exquisite scenes and the music played in every scene makes each story more intriguing. I hope you guys watch a Broadway show soon! i can't wait to see "Hairspray" and "In The Heights".♥

"Central Park is an urban park in the heart of Manhattan in New York City"
 A walk in Central Park on a fall day. I love central park, haven't picnicked their yet but i really look forward to, it's a beautiful park and it's huge!.  Theirs so much to look into when you walk through central park, one of my favorite things to do is the Carousel (yeah it's for kids) but it's cool. Theirs also a skating rink in the winter, theirs carriage horses throughout the park (if you don't wanna walk makes it way easier for you) =],Theirs a Summer stage which features free musical concerts throughout the summer and of course you can also relax in the shade on an August day.
                                            Bow Bridge- Central Park.

                                   Skating Rink-Central Park.

 A walk and a night-out in 42nd street sounds like fun. Well i love going downtown, specially to 42nd with friends/cousins to just hang out and have a good time. Eating out at a restaurant, walking around admiring the amazing lights all over the place, going in toy r us just for fun wasn't such a bad experience when i did ( you can get on a Ferris wheel inside the store!), eat cold stone ice cream! , watch a movie with your loved one! 42nd street has it all...
42nd street-New York City.
 This Sightseeing bus transports you to different places in Manhattan New york,I never experiences this myself even though it looks interesting, for tourists and people visiting the city i think it's a great idea.

 The beautiful Statue of Liberty, the name says it all. I visited this place when i was just 5 years old, i don't quite remember what it was like but i'm sure i had fun. One of the places to visit when you go to the city will definitely be the statue of liberty!
                                 Statue of Liberty- New York City

Soho! my favorite place, i shop there at times. i love it. its a most to visit if you go to the city, theirs bars, food shops and a bunch of shopping places, nightlife in Soho!!

Soho, Spring Street- New York City

                        I NEW YORK.