Wednesday, December 23, 2009

herve leger.

.H.e. r .v. e . L .e .g .e. r.

"The company HERVE LEGER  S.A. has existed since 1985. The collection of evening and cocktail dresses known as the bandage dresses are the companies trademark. Sewn entirely by hand on the premises, they are sold under the Herve Leger Couture label."

-below their are different Herve Leger dresses wore by different celebrities! i love all of them, i want to own a Herve Leger dress, well a few of them in the future! =) cant wait. enjoy guys.

Jessica Strout!

    Christina Milian!

Kim Kardashian!

 Rachel Bilson!


 Mischa Barton!

 Megan Fox!

 Sophia Bush!

 PussyCat DOLLS!

 Solange knowles, Rihanna, Kim K.

 Blake Lively!

 Miley Cirus!

 Kim And Jennifer Lopez (jlo wears herve leger)

 Amanda Bynes!


 Nicole- Pussycat Doll.!

 Joss Stone!

 Mandy Moore!

 Keyshia Cole!

 Victoria Beckham!


 Mischa Barton!

 Kate Winslet!

 Sophia Bush and Herve Leger!

and more Herve Leer styles............

 Faith+ Peace Beauty.


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wild africa said...

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