Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bombshell Beauty

So nowadays is hard to get out of my house without makeup on even for school! i actually recently started using "a lot" of makeup, i say a lot because i never even wore color lipstick & now i feel weird stepping out without a little bit of blush on and my pink lipstick lol. I usually just put on some blush/bronze for  school even though this whole week i haven't worn makeup whatsoever..hmm i don't know why ....well it does get annoying having to take that black eye liner off!!! but i do have to say for a night out its impossible to leave my house without my black eye liner and everything else like mascara bronze/ blush or some gold eyeshadow! - i love gold- and last but not least my pink plaid lipstick my cousin got me addicted too, and now the fuchsia pink and red ones are in......i love makeup now i cant live without it, so what?! now i have the urge to go makeup shopping :::sigh::: anyway, i posted pictures below of my favorite "makeup looks" but i really don't know what types or brand of makeup's these girls are wearing so i wont be posting up exactly the kind of makeup on these pictures....and maybe some of these makeup ideas can help you guys out on your next night out or date?! enjoy subscribe and comment. love ya!

 i LOVE Kim Kardashian's make-up in this picture, plus it suits her color skin and dark hair!. The lipstick fuchsia pink (my favorite color) it's just what's in style now & her eye makeup it's gorgeous, i hope i can get this look someday! =) I found the lipstick "Full Fuchsia" the MAC kind, but i am sure other makeup companies have it as well... plus they also might have lipsticks this color in your local drugstores or pharmacies such as Walgreen,Rite aid,Duane read and CVS.

 Katy Perry shes my fave! i love her style and she looked glamorous for these Grammy's Awards! Aside from loving her edgy-elegant look, her dress is gorgeous, the pastel pink color the design and silky material everything. The lipstick reminds me of the pink plaid Mac,which i am obsessed with...her makeup goes perfectly with her dress, she doesn't have a dramatic looking eye shadow its the perfect amount and her complexion goes even better with the pink lipstick. i LOVE.

 i had to put this picture up, i love the smokey eye look and it looks so good on Demi =) plus the nude lipstick goes perfect with the eye makeup!! 

 Look fierce with red lipstick, bombshell =) i need to wear this lipstick soon when i go out, i haven't! anyway...the black eye liner as usual.. never forget that... i adore this look.

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Anonymous said...

OMG BABE!! i deffinetly looovee your blog...This has officially become my fave page which i would be visiting mor often.. SO dont get tired of my comments ♥

Yanill said...

aww ily gaby & thanks! <33