Monday, November 2, 2009

 "I will say this, I don't know if any other team in New York has done any better".

-George Steinbrenner on the 2000 Yankees.

Yes i am a YANKEE FAN indeed & no i am not going to degrade any other team on my blog post, i just been wanting to write about my favorite team for a while and since were one game from winning "The World Series" i feel it might bring out the attention of my fellow Yankee Fans to read this post!. However i think the Phillie's have been doing a really good job and it's been tough for the Yankees to compete against them, their a good team. I dislike the annoying non-Yankee fans who get offended for any little thing, okay you dislike them but theirs some people who take it way too far. I mean of course not everyone is gonna be a Yankee fan and who wouldn't get upset when their team loses? but it's just the fact on how some fans take their lost. I was brought up liking the Yankees even though i most say my father is an ANTI- Yankee, he would go for any team that plays against them!!! ja ja but the rest of my family are Yankee Fans. Anyways, to sum up today's game was ridiculous i give it up for Damon! he was trying so hard to make a hit and he actually got it! i believe they could of won if Derek wouldn't had hit that ball that came hes way, but we just wanna win at home!! right Yankee fans??!?!!!. We are definitely all anxious for Wednesday to come, Phillie Fans and Yankee Fans. It's a celebrating in new york city once our team wins.  I think it's time for the Yankees to win! they haven't won since 2003 & i am crossing my fingers, we got this right??!

I found this picture, well it's really a painting of the Yankees "back in the days" i just liked how real this painting actually looks.

  This is the most cutest/angriest anti-Yankee - Boston Fan I've ever seen! Hilarious picture, i had to put this on my blog.

 Our New stadium =), which I've only been outside of it! I really wanna go to a game soon, hopefully i will... but this new stadium is so much better cuter and bigger.



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