Sunday, March 27, 2011


 Fashionable wardrobes, stunning casual but classy vintage and glamorous looks...this is what this next blog is all about! different fabulous looks* for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall... Let's get started !!!
Our first wardrobe is all about Winter Fashion, of course it gets irritating wearing so much clothing, the cold is hardly anyone's best friend, but we can make the best out of it by choosing the right outfits and staying as fashionable as possible... we have the coats, the scarfs, gloves, the cute hats, the warm leggings, the vintage sweaters etc... take a look at my 

1st chosen Winter Outfit.
i love this first winter outfit i chose, all of these outfits i picked i would personally wear them... the designed stockings are my favorite along with the shorts with the zippers! the leopard coat adds a lot of style to the outfit and that's why i chose it, since we are giving you a winter look the knee high boots are a must! I hope you love this outfit as much as i do. 

winter fashion

 2nd Winter Fashion Wardrobe 
 My favorite item of this wardrobe are the trousers =) i recently purchase some with leopard prints! 
winter fashion

1st Spring Wardrobe.
I idolize my first spring outfit! i absolutely love the thigh high socks they are my favorite item from this wardrobe and you can wear them even in the winter! and indeed the blazer gives it such a springtime look, love it.

Spring Wardrobe 

 2nd Spring Wardrobe.
This spring outfit is simple but classy... i adore the long jacket with the ruffled back it gives more flavor and style to this wardrobe, of course the leggings and suede leopard booties complete this amazing outfit, go ahead and click the item you want below this picture! =)

spring fashion

1st Summer Wardrobe
I love the summer! who doesn't? well here is my first summer gear. I chose a romper which are mainly in style in the summer and had to put a jean vest to add more appearance to the wardrobe! We can't forget our sunglasses so these hot pink ones are adorable for this look!

Summer wardrobe

2nd Summer Wardrobe
I got so infatuated with this heart hot pink body cross bag and the awesome t-shirt! i love how i put these items together i feel it would look great, the gold headband is also stunning, go get this summer outfit!
Summer wardrobe

1st Fall Wardrobe
Fall! i am a fall baby, born in September... gotta love this weather... we have the blazers, the dazzling beautiful leopard booties our pink bangles to add some color to the wardrobe and our bodysuit plus purse to complete this marvelous look.

fall wardrobe

2nd Fall Wardrobe
Here they are again the trousers, love these navy blue ones and i also adore the flowery blazer to go along with it...

I hope you all enjoyed this blog, please if you have any feedback feel free to comment.... stay tune for more and more blogs to come. thank you all, xoxo!