Saturday, June 5, 2010

       S  u  m  m  e  r     N  i  g  h  t  s.

what to do on a summer night..the fresh air, long nights, the summer breeze, who want's to stay home on these beautiful days...of course vacations are the best way to go but we can't always go wherever we want.. i was thinking of what i would love to do on summer night, simple things that you guys as my readers can also enjoy. let's give it a try see if you all agree with me. 

ps- their are a bunch of other activities to do but i just got a few to share. comment and subscribe, support me! and thank you all.
  A carnival ! this would absolutely make a wonderful/fun summer night, gather all of your closest friends, get a ride and GO. Carnivals are always fun, popcorn, rides, free shows, winning games, cotton candy and all aside your best friends... even walking around inside a carnival would be fun. Hopefully i can get to go to one this summer, i been looking forward since the last time i saw one near a highway last week. I've been to carnivals as a kid their were always so much fun. So enjoy if you go =)
 Water Balloon fights! i remember my last water balloon fight was unforgettable, running away from your friend till they catch you (you know they are eventually, the trying to hide part is the funnest). This activity is easy, balloons & water, the location could be the difficult part, a park, a backyard of one of your friends house, your neighborhood (depending where you live), a open space (make sure you don't get in trouble on this open space).... this summer fun activity can not only be with your friends but your neighbors, people you know from your neighborhood, random people who wanna join you, it's always fun to have a bunch of people in if your bored, call a friend up get balloons and start your RIOT!
So if your at home bored with your girls? or even guy friends...make dessert! cupcakes and S'mores best stuff to do on a summer night at home while chitchatting away with friends...for sweet tooth people this idea is the best ever, invent different shape cupcakes as the picture you see different color frosting's and enjoy making faces, names, shapes on the cupcakes then eat crackers, Hershey chocolate and marshmallow for your yummy S'mores, put it all together then stick in the microwave for 5 seconds or more and it's all done! have a sweet summer night, the fun depends on you!
Get a little crazy!!! Everyone has a wild side...right? or maybe i am wrong. Some of you might not like tattoos, i actually like them....not really crazy about them but i do like them...Well why not get matching tattoos with your girlfriends on a boring summer night?, it's always fun to be spontaneous, specially with your closest buddy's. These girl on the picture decided to get stars and a heart on their feet, cute right?, pick a spot and think away of something you want to get with your closest girlfriends, I'm sure you will never ever forget this summer night, your tattoo would always be there to remind you!!
Camp Out!!! I've always wanted to do this! this is something you really have to plan out with your friends for a few summer nights or weekend. Get all you need for your camping, hiking gears because you don't want to stay just in one place, your tents of course and all of your sleeping products, outdoor cookware and all the cooking stuff, emergency equipments are very important of these trips, get your duffel bags ready! A summer camp would be one of the best experiences ever if you go with the right crew, enjoy it if you do it!
A chick flick summer night movie sleepover....i love all of the movies that appear on this picture! have a girls night at one of your friends houses, watch movies, talk away, make popcorn, watch 5 movies till you knock's always fun to spend alone time with your closest friends...

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