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This next blog entry is all about jewelry! from our favorite fashionable earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. I love jewelry and i can't leave my house on a night out without any precious stones! Do you feel the same way? How many of you guys love jewelry as much as me?! take a vote on the POLL below
What are your thoughts are jewelry?!

 Our first jewelry set is all about Rings! i love rings! special the big ones or the connectors (two or three finger rings) =) below you will see all of the rings i selected, these rings of course are of my taste...

Are you ready for our lovely earrings! i noticed that dangling earrings are mostly in style right now, so you would see a lot of those on my earrings post. I honestly prefer big chunky exaggerated earrings rather than small ones, but of course if i am wearing a chunky big necklace i wear small earrings that would probably be the only time. Let's see what you think about these sets, hope you like... and of course my diva RIRI wearing these stunning dangling pair of earrings, love her style!

 Next on the list are our beautified bracelets!!!, i don't wear much bracelets when i go out but i do love them... check these out that i picked, they are amazing =)

Last but not least is our necklaces! I love vintage chunky necklaces but i also wear long necklaces =) these are my best choices....

 Thanks for looking at my fashion jewelry blog post, hope you subscribe. love it or hate it. xoxo