Friday, March 11, 2011

You can wear it too!

Don't you sometimes see a picture of someone and just fall in love with their style and also wonder....where did they get that pretty scarf? or those beautiful shoes? or that ring? i do all the time! and so i think this will be an awesome blog for everyone, it will be helpful and interesting and i hope you all enjoy, please don't forget to comment and subscribe. xoxo ciao

All of my pictures and styles are found on LOOKBOOK, i love that website and people's styles on there are amazing... here's my first picture.

I love the jean jacket... it adds more style to the outfit, found a similar one at AEROPOSTALE for $25 on sale right now! Visit their website and get your jean jacket now for the first step to complete this outfit =)

Cheetah print! i am obsessed and infatuated with cheetah leopard print, i recently purchased cheetah pumps my new favorite shoes!.... her cheetah print beret is definitely a GO on this outfit and is one of the reasons why i chose this style. This one i found at MACY'S for $28 also on sale, catch it if you can!

I fell in love with these floral print shorts, aren't they lovely.... it took a while for me to find similar looking shorts! searched alot of websites and finally found the same floral shorts as my chosen outfit, they are gorgeous. At SHOP NASTY GAL for $70, kinda pricey for shorts but they are cute =)

I also found a similar Stripe button down at OLD NAVY for only $20.

Diamond print fishnets similar to this style you can find them at AMERICAN APPAREL for $20, plus Navy blue thigh highs for $13.

Last but not least, the wedges... this girl wears indigo blue wedges, at FOREVER21 I found black ones for $28.

This completes my first look! i hope you enjoyed your shopping and are ready to rock your outfit right =) my second choice is simple ....

I owe a pair of Cargo pants and one of the reasons why i like this outfit is because of these cargo olive pants, you can actually get them in numerous stores if you search online, i found some in forever21 as well as in CHARLOTTE RUSSE for only $17 on sale, go get em' girl!

She's also wearing a pullover sweater in which i found at PIPERLIME for $40... here it is.....

these vintage looking ankle booties are lavish! i recently got a pair of shoes that look similar to these... at LULU'S for $38. Gotta have em' all

This look isn't complete just yet! we have our fake fur bag which concludes our wardrobe, i adore this manageable look and hopefully you are on your finishing touches to look just like this, go get the fur bag at YES STYLE for only $45!!! enjoy ♥♥

My third style is also from LOOKBOOK, is charming. here it is

The first thing to prepare you for this magnificent look is the tan blazer, blazers blazers blazers, I can't wait for spring to actually wear my blazers, i need to start purchasing blazers in every other color except black, i have like 10 black blazers....hmmm well i found a similar blazer for $55 at TOPSHOP! take a look gal'.........

There it goes again the leopard print, we just can't get enough of it... who doesn't love it? this beautiful sheer leopard blouse! found one as beautiful as this one at ETSY, vintage style for only $24, go before is gone!!! 

I found 2 similar zipper leather skirts, one actually looks exactly like the girls for $79 in URBAN OUTFITTERS, since this blog consists of basically getting things very cheap i looked for another similar skirt and found one at DOROTHY PERKINS for $24 very cute leather skirt just without the zipper still a great look though and way cheaper!!! the first one is the urban outfitters...

This girl calls her boots, military booties.. i love them! here are some very cheap ones i found at NEW LOOK you won't believe the price! only $12 go as fast as you can!!!


My fourth style pick
"Wake up and smell the roses!"

Flowery flowers! yes this dazzling flower blouse is indeed found in a lot of online stores, i found a comparable one at TOP SHOP for $36! I adore =)

Shorts, can't wait for the summer... these that she wears are levi short's... i found then also at TOP SHOP for only $32, here they are! <3

Lastly, the shoes... brogues... i found them at FOREVER 21, for only $24.50, yes very alike and cheap =] 

We are getting to the end ladies, this one is my last favorite look.....i love the bright pants with the leopard booties it looks

The first item is this black leather jacket =) found at NEW LOOK for $35 ....
The basic gray t shirt is easy to find... the one i got can be bought at RIVER ISLAND for only $10 on sale today, go buy it before it's gone!

These stunning pink pants are so adorable, i love how she put these bright pants and made them look so nice with the leopard booties and gray shirt! so mismatched and yet it looks amazing, i love are the pink pants at NEW LOOK for only $15

Here we are again with the leopard!!!....  leopard booties! her's are a little bit lower i found the same leopard booties but higher to the ankles at CHARLOTTE RUSSE for $35.50, they are gorgeous as well =]

This last style makes my "you can wear it too" blog come to and end, i hope you guys are getting your outfits put together and enjoying them all! thanks for reading my blog and stay tune for more! if you have any ideas on what i should write next please comment and i will consider it! =] thanks and take care.... don't forget to subscribe!!!

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