Monday, July 19, 2010

a little something i wrote one night before i went to sleep........

 ----Maybe if you close your eyes and dream of everything you wish was real you can stop thinking about reality, the reality your state of mind cant take and only in dreams go away....but then you open your eyes the next day and wake up to face the dreams you had were fake, wishing they were real like every night as your pray. It's real as long as their there invading your close your eyes again and wish to dream and feel alive again even if it's all in your head...the idea of escaping reality at night is all that really matters, your dreams are the only thing no one else can close your eyes, meditate, wish to feel to feel what you feel when you dream, because maybe if you wish a little harder your reality would become your dream and all your worries would all be gone and then at night you wont need to close your eyes to escape whats real, you wont wanna miss a thing while your eyes are open, you wouldn't wanna close your eyes and that's the way it should be.

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