Friday, March 26, 2010

Do the unknown people we dream with exist?
 Well this is exactly what triggered me to write this post today...a couple of days ago i woke up and this question suddenly filled my head..i twittered it and i even put it up on my face book, it is indeed a very interesting question but can we really answer this? I mean of course only those who have actually experienced such thing can answer. What do dreams really mean? and  Do they really mean something?, this has actually been quite a lot in my head, of course when we dream something lovely the next day we wake up hoping its meaningful and hoping this dream is the answers to some of the things we question in life, however when we dream awful, sad , scary dreams we wake up happy knowing it was a dream and we hope this dream didn't mean anything whatsoever in our own personal life's. I actually quite believe dreams are meaningful someway somehow, i mean why would we dream? obviously something is going on in our brain while we dream, i believe we somehow do control what we dream were just definitely not conscious about it, when we sleep were unconscious basically we don't know what's going on in our heads is like were dead but breathing then we have these vivid live dreams we function in them we talk we do a whole bunch of other things... i always think about what if i could control my dreams and go to places?..silly thought but you never know ...i think all of our dreams represent something they represent our own personal life's in a way, for example your scary awful dreams might be things your scared of in real life or things you fear in life something you unconsciously wouldn't want to happen to you or any of your loved ones. Now how do we explain the unknown people we see in your dreams or the dreams that when you wake up you actually feel like you have lived the dream you dreamed, this has happened to me so many times, i wake up thinking about that specific place i dreamed with and as much as i try to think on how the place seems so familiar to me i can't, its a weird ideology, for those who believe in the after life or reincarnation they might think that in their past life they actually visited this place and will set this as their reason on why this place looks familiar to what about the unknown people we dreamed with? my cousin herself told me this personally happened to her, she dreamed with one specific guy for years and when she got older she actually saw him in person! i guess this answers our question...isn't it interesting how we don't know these people and we dream with them, makes you wonder if people that don't even know who you are dream with you! i mean its possible right?. I don't know if theirs anyone that can specifically analyze and define dreams even though I'm pretty sure their is, i just know that a lot of us do wish to define some of our most spontaneous to some of our most scariest dreams.

 PS- I created two POLLS please participate let me know what you think! thank so much for reading

Do you think dreams mean something in any type of way, do you think it connects somehow with your own personal life?

no i think dreams have absolutely nothing to do with our personal life's, of life in general.
i think some dreams might mean something that connects with our life's but not all.
Yes i think all dreams have something to do with our life's and they have a meaning.
I don't know anything about dreams and their meanings and i don't really care or agree.

Do you believe in reincarnation and the idea that maybe the familiar dreams we have were things of our past life's?

absolutely Not i do not believe in that whatsoever.
Yes i think it might be possible, its a valid idea.
Yes i have actually thought about this but not on every dream.
No that is a sin.

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Matthew said...

Okay we only spoke very briefly about this, but here's my take on the whole thing. To start, the overall concept of what you're bringing up has been debated on for generations. A lot of what you said is similar to what Sigmund Freud said. That dreams represent 1 of 2 things, either our fears or our desires. He also said that when we dream, it is our unconscious mind activating and it's representative of all our repressed thoughts. Personally, I think that dreams are abstract and don't necessarily represent our fears and desires, but they give us a tool to analyze ourselves and decide what we think our desires and fears really are. I know that I'm not the only 1 who has tried to make sense of some really random ass dream by comparing it to something going on in my real life everyday.

Anyway, since this is your blog and not mine, I don't wanna take up all the space haha But I do reallllllly hope that there is some truth behind the idea that there's a chance my dream girl really exists and I might just find her. Cuz she's pretty bad! lol

That is all! :-D