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Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”-Coco Chanel.
 "A fashionable woman is always in love -- with herself."

                  What girl isn't obsessed with shopping? well not only girls i shouldn't forget our guys... so what's your addiction? ... shoes? purses? dresses? makeup? sneakers? it all has to do with fashion anyway! I've been subscribe to seventeen magazine for quite a while now and it was their "fashion shopping guide" that actually inspired me to create this new blog! i took the time and looked through a bunch of websites the magazine provided, i found a lot of different trends & styles, i saved most of what i thought was fashionable or things i would normally shop for & wear myself...not everything is "my personal taste"(but most is) ...hopefully some stuff would catch your eye! i provided the links & price range of everything so its just a click away ; ). & I didn't forget the guys!!!, i found a nice website for guy clothing & i saved a couple of things...again it's not gonna suit or favor every guy or even some girls "type of guy" [everyone is different] but it's how i picture a guy should dress & the style i like please enjoy!!!
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- hmm, well the first things i checked were accessories. hats,jewelry,handbags etc.  Here are some i fell in love with! 

 "Zad Hoot Hoot Ring in Gold", this looks  like a vintage type of ring... i love rings in general i mostly chose this one because it had that "vintage spark"... click here to automatically direct you to this page.

 Price- $14.00 =)

"Deux Lux Zipper Seamed Satchel" this bag is on sale now for $39.00 compare it to $69.00 which was regular price, one of the reasons why i picked it, i also love the pastel "green tea" color & i love the fact that is a oversize bag -my faves! -

 "Fab Satin Bow Pins". These pins are so cute, they go on your hair however you wanna put them (to clip your bangs to one side etc). The website provides about 5 more sets of different colors. These pins add more style to your outfit if you normally love wearing simply stuff, like jeans a t-shirt and shoes. The price is actually good, about $1.50 a per. 

"Boom Box Necklace", so this is definitely vintage! I've never seen this in an actual store i been looking all over for it! i love the music theme on this necklace that the boom box  represents [ for those who love music] & for those who also like the vintage style. This necklace you can buy it for only $5.99,

"Lady Fortune Bracelet in Gold" , whoever loves charm bracelets would definitely fall in love with this one, i did  doesn't everyone own a Charm bracelet nowadays? ...You can find cheaper ones in different dept. stores but this one cost $16.00, it's all good if your a working body. =) 

"God bless our hard working daddy" wallet, lol! i found this to be so funny that's why i chose it, isn't it ?. it's cool though and even cooler is the fact that the whole wallet its made of duct tape, yup it really is... It features two ID slots, a spot for cash, & a expandable Velcro pocket for change, business cards or w/e. The price is $18.00.

"Plastic charms record earrings", i also found these earrings pretty cool. disco old fashion style. Price is $5.99.

So lately i been wearing my black leggings with boots to school, it just feels way more  comfortable!!! way better than wearing jeans everyday! who agrees?.. well i been wanting to purchase different color leggings since i only have black ones, i found a few at different websites. check them out . =)

"Boa Gold shiny leggings"! these sexy tights can be easily worn for a night out! i also chose these because their gold! i LITERALLY love anything that's gold. available at for $46.00, they also have about 10 more different colors available at the website.

"Ruched Metallic Leggings" Go for an edgy look with these metallic Leggings! -$14.99 can also search for more different style leggings i picked these because it's something i will wear.

"Baccus torn rocker leggings" this is sorta of  a glam rock style look. price is $16.99.

Jeans. =D 

"Stone wash color skinny jeans". These are only $9.99 right now! So i posted it up just in case anyone likes. i love them.

Skirts =)

"Zipper lace skirt" For $22.99!  Go for a rock chic look wit this lace floral print skirt . color- black/Grey

"Acid wash Skirt" ,super stretchy denim skirt cut short with a wide waistband -pencil silhouette, mini length. I actually saw this skirt when i was at urban outfitters & fell in love with it, it doesn't really look as nice on this model =(, in person it looks way better!! price is $38.00

"H81 pleated Bengaline skirt" - school girl skirt comes in different colors...magenta, navy, light Grey, cream & blue. price is $12.90

"And fashion is attitude a certain femininity of being sexy"

Jackets,shirts & blouses.....

"Vintage wool coat/jacket"  they have a bunch of different colors at the website, visit the link for more information $83.00 

"Faux Gray Suede Blazer" i fell in love with this blazer! i want it in black and in gray, i hope you guys like it! The price it's a little too much $98.00 but i just love how this one looks, im pretty sure theirs less expensice ones though...

"Strapless Floral Jumper" wit covered elastic at the waist and top. Hmm i was looking all over for a nice jumper during the summer & i couldn't find one i liked... but this one is nice if you know how to style it, accesories and shoes and all that other stuff. $42.00

"Pop Face short sleeve t-shirt". I just found this t-shirt really cute. i havent worn shirts like these in a while =( but i liked this one $25.00

"Unisex LEGALIZE GAY T-shirt" in pink but available in more colors. Ok the shirt says it all, i believe it should be legalize but thats my personal opinion some may not agree and thats respected as long as my opinion is too! now for those who are with me lets try to make this happen! $17.00

 "Zippered Military Vest" -charcoal color. I saw something like this in a washington heights store but found it on the forever 21 website for only $19.80 cheaper than in uptown manhattan, i even tried it on it looked hot but i didnt purchase it! i wanna go back and get it though, jaja. hope you guys like it too!!!


"Women Pumps peep-toe "segura" high heel shoes".  Omg these had to be the first shoes i post up! I was in the Aldo Shoe store down in soho when i saw these, i literally had them in my hand for 10 minutes but i couldn't get them! [yeah i need a job] anyway, i am in love with the color the material & by the way suede instantly makes you look more stylish and fashionable!, you guys need to love them too! come on! price-$90.00. other colors available -taupe medium blue, black suede, & black patent.

"Slouch knee high Boots" hidden platform with cone stacked heel. $31.99. I need some boots like these so i thought about posting it up, the winter is coming and these books look nice with anything..skirts,jeans,shorts with stockings,stockings and a dress...i love them...

"Black faux Leather croc patch Mary Jane Pump heels".. these shoes are only $21.99 which is a great deal i actually wanted these in red for my birthday and couldn't find anywhere, i like them in black also, the price is good too most of the shoes i saw were pretty expensive.

"1940 style high heels".. Elevated style in a laced high heel platform. I found these in some website that sells really old fashion vintage shoes, they have styles from the 20's till the 40's if im not mistaken, i liked these a lot but you wouldnt believe the price...$179. 00 yea i know.....well i just posted it up cause i found the website cool and the shoes are cute.

"Ruffle Front shoes" for $29.50, i will defentely get these soon!!! Kardashian much?. i love these!!! who wants them too?...

"Huarache woven Wedges" $29.99 
colors- brown or black. Every girl should own wedges for the summer! lol.

Guy Section Only.

All of the clothes below can be found at the following website...


only $18. 00

"White and navy stripped Shirt"  $30.00

"Gray checked Wool Mixed Peacoat" 

 "Gray/Black Cardigan" 

"Paint Splat Slim Jeans" 

"Ecru Hooded Jersey Cardigan color- cream" $20.00 

"Grey contrast Skinny  fit Trousers" 

"Everyday is a Fashion Show, and the World is your Runway". 

 the end...
 p.s- Hope you guys enjoyed, comment and subscribe. thanks! 

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