Saturday, October 17, 2009

Color My World.

Theirs no one else by your side at the end of the day, the road you choose to walk through would either lead you to a happy ending or maybe one in which you wont be happy at all... but then these consequences would teach you make you stronger and somehow one day you would learn that making yourself happy shoulda been your only choice. its not as hard as you think,once you make it been chasing rainy days, wishing for a rainbow to come out when it never did,  and instead you drew rainbows for all your rainy days and you fought your way through the rain hoping for a change...but just a pen and paper created that rainbow... their was no still was an illusion you was hoping for...their is nothing...only you....but it doesnt have to rain anymore...this time you know what path to chose from...its your happiness...its you first...the rainbow was always there.. you just didnt wanna colored your black and white world into a make-believe rainbow and made yourself believe you were truly happy while every day it would pour a little harder...but the road is their again....and if somehow the road you chose leads you back to this...just remember is you one else...once you learn the hard way...the sky wont be as gray....and i promise their would be a rainbow in every single day... 


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