Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Color My World...
"we could fall apart and I'd be your memory"

"She got out of town
On a railway New York bound Took all except my name"
This is the last time I'll look back, to you & all of your memories.
I'll travel to Paris just to watch the moon with you.
"tell me you love me; one last time."
"Look How Pretty She Is When She Falls Down"
"Just A Small Town Girl, Living In A Lonely World"

"boy, i'd run a thousand miles for you."

I'll write you a letter, but you'll be gone by then...

"Eat my heart out".

"My Reflection Makes Me Sick"

"A Land Of Make-Believe, That Don't Believe In Me"

i wanna be a pin-up girl.


C A S S I E.

"One Step Closer To The Edge, I'm About To Break"
"An angel's smile is what you sell
Promise me heaven, then put me through hell"

My heart's not black and white...

R I H A N N A.



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