Wednesday, December 2, 2009

YET, another fashion post!. well i hope you guys have been enjoying my blog posts! i haven't had any chance to update this but here i am again ; ). btw! if you guys can write me comments on topics you would like me to discuss about or anything you would like to see up on my blog Please feel free to do so!, sometimes this mind of mines can run out of ideas,i would highly appreciate it. However, this new blog is about my Mommy!, yes my mother and her "fashionable" self back in the days [jaja]... i was looking through really old pictures and got myself caught up on a bunch of my mother's younger years & i love some of the outfits she wore back then so i simply decided to share it with you guys i am so considerate, right?..anyways, i took some picture [ as always] & came up with this new blog, all about my mommy Jacqueline. I love you Mami!!! enjoy everyone... & please comment.

 The kardashian's with their Mommy!

 me and my mommy!

 Okay so my mom almost killed me cause she doesn't like this picture, but its cute! i love her outfit, the leopard and all as you can see has always been in style! & is even more in style now.

 i love this picture because it reminds me of what i wear now, the tights and the's funny..

i LOVE this!!!

my aunt and my mom.

 i know you guys where some of these things nowadays!...

last but not least my favorite picture!!! no style shown or anything but i love the posture it looks like a portrait, and it wasn't with any of these high quality cameras, no photoshop or anything Lol !! taken in the 80's baby!

-the end...please comment & subscribe. CIAO
lOVE. Peace. FAITH.

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