Monday, November 9, 2009

"I want a love like me thinking of you thinking of me type love, or me telling my friends more than I've ever admitted to myself about how I feel about you type love, See, I want a love that makes me wait until he falls asleep then wonder if he's dreaming about us being in love type of love, or who loves the other more, or what he's doing at this exact moment, slow dancing in the middle of our apartment to the music of our hearts,he leaves me breathless, so with the expanding of my lungs I inhale all of him back into me, closing my eyes and imagining how a love so good  could just hurt so much when he's not there."

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Ana said...

OMG!! Finally someone who shares my same passion, Quotes.. My best friend always comes to me for quotes.. One of my fav. "As I think back and look forward, I see how nothing is unambiguous; nothing is without risk. Salvation does not come through simplicities"